ID: HR23-1078
Presenting author: Dr. Orisha Bowers

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Self Care for Harm Reductionists and Providers Mini Retreat

Dr. Orisha Bowers
This workshop was curated to center leaders, their staff, and their well-being inside and outside the workplace. Orixa
Healing Arts Wellness and Spiritual Centre understands Programming as a commitment to the sustainability of individuals in
the HR personnel. For the past thirteen years, the Orixa program has supported nearly 30 clinicians and more than 1500
individuals with wellness resources, practices, products, and coaching assistance. Orixa navigates the internal and external
stressors and addresses the unique challenges that staff face being a service member . In the Program I will lead
conversations and exercises for the staff and leadership that enable them to imagine what a more sustainable workplace
can look and feel like. The retreat style training sessions are designed specifically with each individual's needs, challenges
and goals in mind, with the overall goal of creating values alignment.
Topics covered:
■ staff burnout and compassion fatigue
■ workplace stressors and distress tolerance
■ secondary trauma, PTSD, anxiety
■ and/or working with challenging people to rapid and crisis response support.
1. Explore healing practices with the goal of decreasing internal/external stressors that may be
experienced by staff/personnel
2. Discuss unique challenging and common stressors many staff members may experience at home or work
3. Share possible recommendations and experiment with wellness practices to improve the working environment
experiences and provide self care skills.