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ID: HR23-1085
Presenting author: Annie Madden

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Community-Led Research on the Values & Preferences of People Who Inject Drugs in relation to HIV, Viral Hepatitis & STI Services

Annie Madden
In 2021, WHO commissioned the four global key population networks (INPUD, NSWP, GATE & MPact) to conduct research with their respective communities on values and preferences in relation to HIV, Viral Hepatitis & STI services. This community-led research formed part of the development process for the new ‘WHO Consolidated guidelines on HIV, viral hepatitis and STI prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care for key populations’ launched in 2022. The key aim of the research was to ensure that recommendations being made in the new guidelines were informed by the values, preferences, and lived experiences of the intended end beneficiaries. This research represented the first time that community-led, qualitative values and preferences research has been part of a WHO guideline development process, in addition to the standard process of reviewing and grading the clinical literature. This presentation will focus on the methods, data, and key findings from the INPUD arm of the values and preferences research, which was undertaken with people who inject drugs and community leaders from across the six WHO regions.