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ID: HR23-255
Presenting author: Wan Traga Duvan Baros

Presenting author biography:

Wan Traga Duvan Baros, was born on April,28,1983 stay in Jakarta,Indonesia work as an Advocacy Officer of Indonesia Network of People Who use drugs.

The Resurrection of Indonesia Network People Who Use Drugs through the Participation of Peers Group as the community-led responses

Wan Traga Duvan Baros
PKNI is a Drugs User network organizations founded based on the concerns of drug policy regarding stigma, violence, discrimination and human rights violations against people who use drugs.
The issue of fraud in the previous year's leadership became an obstacle to continue the struggle of the drug user community. This is potentially damaging the legitimacy, trust and partnership between PKNI, donors and other NGO partners as program implementers. It is proven by the actions of donors to stop their support for programs that are being conducted by PKNI such as Advocacy, Community Legal Aid Institute, several research, programs for women, etc.
The voice of the organization is currently divided because the information being circulated is confusing. The spirit of togetherness began to become the spirit of bringing each other down. Because this has been happening for too long, for the good of the organization, extraordinary congress should be conducted immediately.
Adjusting to current situation, extraordinary congress conducted by online mecanism. 20 members of constituent invited. It was held on May 2022 with agenda to do the election of Board of PKNI’s and National Coordinator.
The result of the Extraordinary Congress, where I chaired as Chairman of the Steering Committee was:
1. Formation of the 2022-2026 PKNI Management Structure
2. The election of the National Coordinator Mr. Moch. Endy Mulia Putra for the year of 2022-2026 by acclamation mechanism
The participation of members is a key strength in restoring PKNI's strength. It's time to rebuild trust because drug user organizations must be led by the drug user community itself, not by parties who have an interest. From the people by the people for the people who use drugs.

Resurrection; Persaudaraaan korban NAPZA Indonesia; community-led responses