ID: HR23-616
Presenting author: Mr.jittraphon chaejaew

Presenting author biography:

Mr.jittraphon chaejaew Position NURSE currently a nurse working at the Institute of HIV Research and Innovation. About Counseling (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis), PrEP, and PEP (Post-Exposure Prophylaxis) provide health care and advice to LGBTQ and substance abusers. Hram reduction at Ozone Foundation

Community-led demonstrated PrEP service for PWUD/PWID in Thailand. First pilot under Covid-19 pandemic.

Mr.jittraphon chaejaew, Mr.Sivakorn Siribongkot
Background: The number of people who inject drugs in Thailand is estimated at 45,000 and HIV prevalence in this population is 7.8%.. Traditionally, harm reduction programs have focused on HIV prevention among people who inject drugs and emphasized on needle and syringe programs (NSP) and/or opioid substitution therapy (OST)Drug use is associated with a higher risk of sexual transmission of HIV because, among other reasons, it reduces the likelihood ofengaging in safer sex practices. For these reasons, pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) programs should aim to include all key populations who use drugs; leaving no one behind.

Objectives: Develop and implementing new innovation for increase uptake PrEP in harm reduction service package among PWUD/PWID in Thailand.

Methods: Ozone drug user organization together with IHRI, Dreamlopment and support by UNODC to design and develop a model of community-led PrEP service for PWUD/PWID. The model of/and service started introduce and approach to current our clients who received harm reduction service. 2 options have been proposing to whom interesting to take PrEP including by onsite and online. These 2options are possible for future switch base on clients need. By onsite our clients will receive HIV testing with pre and post counselling, inform the result. HIV-ve only can take PrEP. And all who on PrEP our team do monitor and follow up base on national guideline.

Results / Outcomes: Between July-September 2022. 60 clients are interesting and request for PrEP ,41(68.8%) receive PrEP, 15(6.2%) มPWUD 26(64.1%) , PWID 20 (48.8%) .New case is 25(61%), Restart 8(19.5%) and transfer 6(14.6%). MSM 3 3(80.5%) , TGW 4 (9.8%),39(95.1%) of them on daily PrEP.
Conclusions / Lessons learnt: Community-led PrEP service for PWUD are need and also the choice for HIV prevention. Our model is simplify, easy to adapting, implementing and also cheap.
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