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ID: HR23-974
Presenting author: Nadiia Iangol

Presenting author biography:

I have been coordinating the work of the COVID program. I am developing support for the countries of the EECA region in maintaining existing HIV programs in the context of the COVID pandemic. I have 15 years of experience in HIV, TB, hepatitis prevention programs for key populations.

Emergency Response Project - Shelter's support in Ukraine

Nadiia Iangol
In light of the emergency and paramount humanitarian needs of refugees from Ukraine, this Emergency Response Project concentrates on a regional refugee response with focusing on those, representing vulnerable groups. It is focused on the critical TA needs including the provision of informational resources, navigation of the needs and connection to the relevant services etc., while displacement dynamics and needs continue to grow exponentially.
Our current emergency approach is to link people who were forced to urgently migrate to neighboring regions due to active hostilities in Ukraine to services, primarily treatment (ART, OST). We have collected the maximum possible number of contacts of clinics, non-governmental organizations and experts, which are ready to accept refugees into their existing programs.
2 shelters were supported with the following activities: increasing the number of places for women, children and men from vulnerable groups in Kyiv region and in Ivano-Frankivsk region by improving the capacity of institutions for 800 people from vulnerable groups by the end of the year; expansion of staff by 1 multidisciplinary team to the region (2 team leaders, 2 psychologists with experience in working with people vulnerable to HIV, 2 case managers who have a strong connection with harm reduction programs, SMT, medical institutions); Ensuring the costs associated with food, transportation, coverage of the basic package of medicines and household goods, basic clothing; Ensuring the provision of a comprehensive package of services for victims of rape - case management, providing targeted material support to victims, providing access to justice for victims providing a package of medicines through the organization "Doctors Without Borders" for sexual and reproductive health / interruption of unwanted pregnancy / maintaining the desired pregnancy; financial and technical support for shelters in other cities, maximum 4 shelters in other cities.