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ID: HR23-985
Presenting author: Angkhana Kantapapa

Presenting author biography:

I worked hard and provided leadership in the account and finance field support harm reduction intervention for Ozone as drug user organization in Thailand more than 3 years. As the background of accounting but always presenting passion on support in the field of drug user community.

Highly performance and cost effectiveness innovation increasing N/S coverage during covid-19 pandemic in Thailand.

Angkhana Kantapapa, Sirirat Chinnark
Background: Statistics stated that 11 sets of clean needles and syringes were provided to PWID individually per year in Thailand. However, the epidemic situation of Covid-19 was the most severe period in Thailand ever. The health services by Thai government agencies for substance abusers, especially provision of opioid substitution therapy (Methadone), was in contrary with social distancing policies and obstructed by procedures in operational stage. Moreover, the access to well-being for PWID/PWUD were inferior to any other health care services. This clearly, reflected the situation of stigma and discrimination in Thai health care system.

Objectives: To develop a needle and syringes service delivery model as an alternative and to increase the coverage of services to PWID during the COVID-19 epidemic Phase 2.

Methods: Design the solution in provision of clean needles, syringes and condoms of various sizes including harm reduction services through online channels and delivery via the Thai postal system. The service was publicized through online channels via Facebook, Twitter and LINE (Chat Application). Our audience who were interested in the service can choose the type of services curated by us along with the details for the delivery of the service via the Google Form system. Then, Ozone Foundation staff team, a joint proactive team with the Accounting/Finance department in charge of product stock will proceed. The service were delivered twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday.

Results / Outcomes: During July 1, 2020- August 31, 2022, the record said that there were 301 unique recipients and 8,060 sets of clean needles and syringes were delivered. The average number is 26.8 sets per person per month or 321.6 sets per person per year.

Conclusions / Lessons learnt: platform online for harm reduction is a one methodology for highly performance and cost effectiveness for implementing and advocate for policy maker.