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HR23 operates a ‘rule of one’. This means that a conference delegate may present in only one session at the conference. You may submit several abstracts, but only one will be selected by the programme committee.

Session types for HR23 are still being finalised, so check back here when abstracts open to see what's available.

The full HR23 programme will be relased in February 2023.

This year, we have two types of oral presentation – classic and quick-fire. Abstracts are submitted as oral abstracts and the programme committee makes a decision as to which type is assigned.

Classic Oral: An oral presentation is the standard conference presentation. It may be selected as part of a themed major or concurrent session. Each presentation is strictly limited to 12-15 minutes in order to ensure adequate time for questions and contributions from the audience. You will have PowerPoint projection available to you for your presentation.

Quick-fire Oral: A quick-fire oral presentation is a presentation of 5-7 minutes, with slides. Quick-fire sessions will have more presenters than the classic oral. The rapid nature forces presenters to distil their work down to essential points and can make for a more invigorating session for those in the audience.

The Dialogue Space is at the heart of the conference. The Dialogue Space is designed to be an interactive space where people can discuss concepts and learn from each other’s experiences. Presentations should be short (maximum 10 minutes) and should stimulate feedback, discussion and debate. There is no PowerPoint or screen in the Dialogue Space. There are very few Dialogue Space slots available. Abstracts that do not fit this specification will not be considered.

Workshops are highly interactive sessions, and should be considered more like training sessions. A workshop is designed to teach something or develop a specific skill while an oral presentation is about presenting original research and getting feedback from peers. A workshop is directed towards teaching and learning in an interactive environment. There are very few Workshop slots available. Abstracts that do not fit this specification will not be considered.

Posters are ideal for current projects which are either at the proposal stage or are work in progress, for data best displayed visually and for those whose English may not be quite good enough for an oral presentation. At the conference, all poster presenters are given a large pinboard or a digital space to put up material describing their work for a set period of time. A dedicated time slot is reserved for all poster presenters to be available at their poster to discuss their work with interested parties.

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